Ahh! I don’t know what to post…

Find a happy place find a happy place…

So I sit here consistently deleting every sentence I write because I am a coward.  I have been wanting to write a blog for a few years now but wanting to do something and actually doing it are two very different things in my book.

In writing this blog I do know that I do not want to focus on just one thing.  I so often narrow in on a topic and then get bored, or realize it is not something I am truly passionate about.  For that reason this blog is going to talk about games, books, art, music, cooking, writing, animals, and maybe even a little about this crazy thing I call my life.

I want to stick to something, even if I just post on here for my own stubborn self proving that I can stick to something, I need to regain my passion.  I used to love being creative and now it is tiring, exhausting and overwhelming.  So maybe that is what this blog will be about, documenting how I am going to regain my lost loves.

Allowing myself to not just sit idle and then wonder where my ability to paint disappeared to because I had not picked up a paint brush in two years.  It is about finding what I still love to do and being in active participant in my own life.

I know my anxiety will get the best of me sometimes and I may not post things but this is also a step to improve myself.  I need to work on myself and my self-confidence or else I will dwindle away.  It is no longer a time to just encourage others and force myself to believe in my inadequacy.

It is time to regain my lost time…

(oh geez I just dropped the name of my blog…I will show myself the door now)



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