The day the Elementalist burned her clothes off


As I said my blog would be about a little bit of everything and this week I chose gaming.  Enjoy!

I sad thing happened to me the other day.  I was playing Guild Wars 2 which so far has been an amazing game but then the above happened.  I got a new piece of light armor that was almost double the defense, exciting right…WRONG.  The cost was my poor Sylvari Elementalist’s dignity. I went from being a fire-breathing dagger wielding character on the hunt to protect the Grove to a character who needs to put a shirt on.  Granted i have played so many other games where this is the most clothed a female character would get, but for a game that was doing so well it made me sad to have to embrace the skank and cringe at every cut scene.

It’s not just the minimal coverage that bothers me about this outfit, because at least you can’t manipulate the camera to see my bum which is possible in a majority of scantily clad games.  What bothers me more is the lack of defense this outfit actually has that it is more protective.  Unless all of my plant like organs are neatly placed under each patch of fabric, there is a lot of stabby flesh there.  Perhaps the story goes that my nearly naked upper body is a Charisma +5 distraction causing them to have bad aim.

Another reason I cringed when this outfit became what I have been stuck with for going on 8 levels (because yes the next highest armor I received was the same design) is that I play with two people one playing a female and one playing a male character and both of them have been fully clothed the whole time.

I have made characters where I  trash it up, customization equals big-boobed, tiny waist and low-cut costumes, but that is a choice I make depending on the persona I want to take up with those characters.  How much is too much to give my character some coverage, or do I just embrace the minimalist look.

Overall as I said, Guild Wars 2 has been amazing.  The ability to customize your character down to the purpose of their existence is breathtaking.  The world is beautiful with such detail placed into every view, the personality of each NPC hilariously adorable.  It allows for different play-styles to enjoy the game and triggers the completionist aspect of my gaming life to be fulfilled as each area is cleared and I get a treasure chest.  Having a character who is forced into chest baring clothes has not ruined the game for me, but it definitely made me have to tell my party members to shut their mouths every time my character speaks in a cut scene.

Maybe I should have stuck with air as my element would not have burned my clothes off that way.

Until next time



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