Happy Holidays!

Already have a late blog, better late than never.

I love Christmas.  I decorate the week after thanksgiving,  I have quilts meant just for Christmas, and my tree is full of ornaments both new and old.  Besides decorating I love giving gifts to people, and often have what I want to get other people decided way before I can even think of one thing that I would want for myself (sorry family and friends for being difficult).  Instead of spending a large amount of time on the computer I will post a list of things that I am loving this Christmas and most Christmas’s.

1.  Decorated Christmas trees filled with ornaments that are cat proof

2. My mothers peanut brittle (it is the best ever)

3. Hot cocoa (yes I know this isn’t strictly a Christmas thing, but my mom makes her recipe every winter)

4. Snow on Christmas through December 28th after that it can melt

5. Lottery tickets in stockings is a Christmas tradition

6. Throwing wrapping paper into the center of the room and then burning it all in the fire place

7. Cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole (my families traditional Christmas breakfast)

8. Pinterest ideas (see the pictures below for my favorite gift given this year)

9. Playing games with my family

10. Any Christmas decoration except inflatable decorations, I don’t like inflatable decorations

11. Christmas music; recommendation is the Pentatonix Yule Log Christmas Play List, it is to die for!

12. Lots of baking

Bonus: It is once again acceptable to watch Frozen and sing along because I have nephews around who want to watch it

cup1 cup1 view2Bonus points if you know what this is from!

Well I am going to spend more time with my family, this went up late and is short but I don’t get to come to the quad cities a lot so lots of family timing.


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