Minecraft model of living

If you have haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple years you have heard of the game minecraft.  I played on a demo account for a years, crafted, had a house with a bat cave, a mine, and had glass rooms protected by water and lava. The creative freedom of that game allowed me to both accomplish monotonous tasks while also building something from my own imagination.  When the private server I was building on got corrupted and the corruption resulted in a giant empty square of space right through the center of my house I got more than a little angry.  After rage quitting the server for a few weeks I decided to become a legitimate minecraft player, paid for an account and joined on a server with a couple of friends.  However this new server was different we had to eat to survive and our characters would get tired, it felt more like real life, we had to monitor health not just because of hissing creepers but because of things like hunger.  The alternative to this more ‘realistic’ way of gaming was to go in creative mode.  I did this for a while and it was fun I got to build things with materials and create item spawners but it lacked something.  Yes I built a library with all of the advances magic items but where was the difficult.  Saying spawn cows in this area so I can build a farm took the challenge away and eventually I stopped playing.  I have thought about going back but the difficulties of balancing the mindless mining and creative building seems more…lifelike.

There are a couple of reasons this blog post is titled as it is so lets just go point by point.

  • Life is a balance of eating sleeping and health.  If I do not put good healthy foods into my body I don’t feel good.  I can tell physically tell if I am lacking protein in my diet, or if I have been allowing myself to many pieces of candy, or skipping too many meals.  The meals portion is a problem for me because I can go home with the intention of eating lunch spend an hour and then realize I did not eat.  I can go without eating, not forever, and I don’t do it intentionally but I legitimately forget to feed myself.  This results in me coming home for dinner after three client crisis’ and a conference call looking for anything and everything to give me an energy burst and to stop the acid reflux feeling I get from skipping lunch earlier.  I don’t make good decisions when I mindlessly eat, tortilla chips and salsa while delicious is not going to fill me up where as a yogurt with granola and fruit will.  The other portion of this is that sleep is important.  Sleep is connected to both or mental and physical health as well as being linked to success in weight loss.  Priority being good sleep and consistent sleep = healthier and happier me.
  • Enjoying all different aspects of the experience.  Much like tediously mining away stone and dirt, I enjoy mindless paperwork. Tallying up numbers, creating graphs, and plan old boring service documentation is time-consuming but the mindless task of the routine is relaxing.  I have a quarterly report coming up and I have been prepping the documentation for the past couple weeks just so I can knock on the paperwork.  Most of my coworkers hate the paperwork, and while I agree that a lot of the time the paperwork gets in the way of actually helping our clients, there is something about being able to shut your brain off and type of the day that is relaxing.  It is a way for me personally to leave work at work.
  • Creativity cannot come easy.  I talked earlier about how creative mode didn’t satisfy me. For me it is like just doing paint by numbers and coloring books.  While they will be fun and entertaining, they are not the same as completing your own work.  This isn’t to say people don’t do amazing things with thinking outside of the box with coloring pages but for me it isn’t fulfilling. I get a lot of inspiration from work I see on Pinterest, Etsy, and Google so I definitely am not claiming to be master of individual ideas, but it allows me to practice and get better.  I appreciate something more if I earn it and it isn’t just given to me, it is why I went on to further my education and why I still practice piano when I can and paint when I can.  It is again why I started this log so I can show people some of the stuff I create.  I don’t want to be giving the artistic ability without having to practice at it because then it won’t mean anything.  Just like I don’t want to have my minecraft library with magical ingredients plenty because I didn’t take the time to learn the crafting recipes to have them.

OK so I know that was a little all over the place but hopefully it made a little bit of since.  I wanted to try something to each time I blog post something I have done, a song or artist I am inspired by, and a recipe that I love.  So those are below.

Work:Replica painting by hand with acrylic on canvas of Le Petite Prince


Music:Yiruma – Kiss the Rain: he is a South Korean composer who is wonderful


Recipe: Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta.  One thing about this recipe is if you don’t like heat half the red pepper flakes.  Also I did not roast my red peppers as I was short on time and I used a skillet and some olive oil then puree’d.  I don’t worry about sticking 100% to Vegan but this recipe was definitely a keeper.





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