Let them eat cake

Sorry about the gap in blogs, I had known what I wanted this blog to be about for the week but the picture I wanted to post would give away a birthday cake surprise for a friend.  I have always been a fan of cake decorating, usually buying the cheap disposable tips and decorator frosting for my projects and while I did great work I never challenged myself.  Throughout the years I have made cakes from finding nemo to a video game cupcake display complete with a frosting avatar.  That last one made me  not want to smell frosting for months.  Then I started delving into different cake styles most impressively a three layer rainbow cake for my nephews third birthday. Word to the wise not even a three-year old can eat that much cake.

video game cake   029

When my friends birthday was coming up I realized I didn’t know what to do, I was sick of the  tasteless decorator frosting and my boring ideas so I invested in edible ink pens and made her Maurador’s’s  map cake.  I still found myself lacking a   challenge and started finding myself eyeing Wilton decorating tips. Once I bought a basic four-pack from the friendly neighborhood Bed Bath and Beyond I was hooked. I asked  for one thing for Christmas and that was more Wilton tips, which if you were my family was very frustrating.

bono's cake

Once I knew I wanted tips I started planning a birthday cake in my head.  A wonderfully creative friend of mine has been creating a world since I was in elementary school, which probably makes him want to smack his head against a table with that knowledge.  This world is expansive, wonderful and I wanted to try to translate the map that I had seen into a cake.  This wouldn’t be easy and I knew it would either be a success or a complete  bomb.  After I got the tips it then began really planning   the cake.  Gathering  colors, looking up frosting techniques, finding tree sprinkles and practicing my art skills.  cake side by sideRyan's cake

It is not my best work, but I am proud of it and is one of the more technical cakes even though it  doesn’t look it.  I used  new techniques, attempted color mixing, and used some of my new decorating tools.  What I have learned is that Wilton tips are not easy to use, they will   take practice because my mountains did not turn out how I  wanted them.  I also learned that color mixing is hard, and YouTube tutorials will certainly be needed.  Overall the cake was a success and he seemed to enjoy it, plus it was delicious.

The final product was a French Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting base with white frosting for color decoration.  From start to finish it took me three hours but some of that was waiting for the cake to cool.  Hope you enjoyed the cake diary.  If anyone has suggestions of free resources where I can learn, will gladly accept.


Creative project for the week: all the cakes above

Recipe of the week: Chicken Enchiladas in Sour Cream sauce. I subbed everything for a low-fat version and used Quorn chik’n substitute and they turned out delicious.  Super  easy to make.


Music:  Again this isn’t a specific song but an artist, Max  Schneider here is just one of his many. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYF6cb9cLlM


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