I would say I have a good excuse that I have been super busy but the truth is I have been completely 100% obsessed with a mobile game.  This blog was going to be about how I have spent most of my free time in that game but something bigger and better is more important to talk about.  Don’t worry expect the Game of War blog soon (yes I know, don’t judge it is more than the Kate Upton commercial I swear). 

So to the title of my post my husband published his first book today and while some may say I am biased I haven’t always been a fan of his writing.  He knows that his first series wasn’t really me style, and I have even taken a read pen brutally to some of his drafts but this series is phenominal.  I was reading it in serial form but patience isn’t my strong suit and I kept asking for spoilers.  He wrote this book mostly under a pen name but recently decided to utilize his own name and I am so proud of him for that. 

It is a gripping story with amazing character that you both love/hate and sometimes equally want to slap those you love and hate.  In an alternate renaissance Italy magic has touched the lives of people and given them gifts, some of them good some of them…to be determined.  I cant express enough how proud of him I am for getting this book out there and the story told.  This story is a great and he finds the balance between character development and world development perfect.  Please go check it out on amazon.  It is a full novel and it is less than a small drink from starbucks.




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