A long time coming

So I was told recently that I stopped writing on my blog, not even aware that anyone really checked if I had written I was both surprised at the timing (because I was already writing one) and sad that I let something slip so much.

I started this as a way to force myself to be productive, and then life happened.  I was playing a silly mobile game a lot (still am to be quiet honest, Game of War is an addiction) and hating work.  I’ve realized a couple of things in my time away from the blog; first I actually was doing more productive things that I enjoyed doing, second it kept me from just lounging around doing nothing, and third I kind of enjoy letting people know what is going on in my life.

So to address the first bit I haven’t actually done much of anything creative, I made a couple cute things for when a friend moved away because I was forcing myself to focus on anything other than being sad.  I was then hit with another friend moving away a month later and it was just not a great time for me.  The people I was closest with, spent most of my time with, just left and I was left feeling very lonely.  I am so proud of what they have accomplished moving away and how they have grown so quickly in their time away but part of me still gets a little rage-filled when all I want to do is play cards and all my card playing friends moved away.  Back to the creative bit, I haven’t done much baking, one because I was trying to not have a bunch of junk in the house and second its kind of boring to bake for one.  I did find some good recipes for quick cobblers and mastered a vanilla bean buttercream that I will use for every cupcake recipe ever now.


Hopefully, with the gradual reorganization of our office space I will be more willing to get the craft supplies out, but I know I need to reinvest in some art supplies because I am not satisfied with the quality of the paint I have and I can’t switch to the great paints I do have because I don’t want to mix paint types or risk ruining my in progress projects with unfamiliar supplies.  Waiting for those lovely sales at Hobby Lobby so I can just buy all new acrylic paint.

Projects that are partially completed:

  • A friends Harry Potter wand stand (yes I know I’m sorry I don’t have the right red right now)
  • Le Petit Prince painting of the baobob trees
  • Sun in stars quote painting from Game of Thrones (the moon portion is completed already)

To address the second part about what this blog was doing; it kept me from being lazy.  When I lost my main social experience I realized I had all of these friends who I wasn’t interacting with so I was really lonely.  Then I eventually started realizing; ‘hey these are great people stop sitting around doing nothing and hang out with them’.  Once this happened I have been hanging out more with them, trying to have regular bad movie nights with memorable quotes.  If you haven’t seen the movie The Room, not the new one, but the old one just watch it for a good laugh with friends.  You will be both stupified about how this movie existed, and thrilled to have quotes to say with friends.

Otherwise, I have been just lounging around a lot and lately it has been with good reason as lots of big changes are coming around, no one really prepares you for how tired you are while you are pregnant (hint: the answer is tired…all the time tired).  So now with work taking up 8 hours a day and trying to sleep enough to be healthy, I get approximately 4.5 hours where I try to be human and spend time with people.  I haven’t always succeeded; but I am playing board games with the dear husband, computer games with friends, and then doing puzzles and trying to keep my mind active otherwise.  Although sometimes I do need to nap; really do regret all my hatred for naps growing up.

So Third; as I kind of let it known in the above one I enjoy letting people know what is going on in my life.  When we decided we wanted kids we never expected it to happen so quickly, and well I have had to learn a lot about things that were never on my radar. Like how maternity leave in the U.S. is awful and how day care is so expensive.  We were planning to make some career and location changes prior to having the little one (we don’t know the gender until May) but after learning about maternity leave, Family Medical Leave, and basically loving my doctor that got put on hold.  For now I am just relying on my friends to keep me sane; those who have done it before have been good about not giving advice.  If we want advice we will ask; and trust me  I have complain asked people questions plenty.

As I have talked about before I have always struggled to lose weight so I freaked out initially about diet and not wanting to gain to much wait or just look fat.  Yes, my husband does scold me when I frown because my clothes don’t fit right anymore and I say I feel like a whale.  It is hard to get out of the mindset of being so negative about self image.  The funny thing about this entire thing is  I feel as if I have been eating better than ever before.  I found that eating every couple of hours and becoming more of a grazer I don’t deal with food crashes.  I actually hydrate more this way, and surprisingly I have been losing weight so far throughout my pregnancy which my doctor is happy to see since it was because of eating healthy not because of nausea (which FYI this little baby was kind and let me skip that awful side effect).

I don’t know what else is really going on, besides baby is on the way.

Proudly I want to say that my husbands second book in the series is out so please go read it; it is available in the kindle library and kindle unlimited I believe.  Twisted Cogs: A students Dream is the first one…seriously go read it.

Music: Hamilton the Musical – I can’t really pick one song because I like so many of them.  I don’t much care for American History but this musical is a hip hop telling of Alexander Hamilton and it is phenomenal.  If you like history or like musicals just take a listen.  It is so catchy.

Food: I have recently been liking Dannon Light and Fit greek yogurt with Granola (sorry nothing creative there for now).

Art: I wish I had stuff to show but I don’t hopefully next time.









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