What a crazy hectic time it’s been…

So last time I was on here it was pre-baby and well I am happy to report our little boy is already 5 months old and its amazing to watch him grow and learn and experience all these new things.

So while overall I think the collective consensus of 2016 was that most everyone couldn’t wait for the year to be over, after a general feeling of ick and ugh filled the year. While I understand the ick and the ugh I wouldn’t take or skip 2016 for anything.  It was 2016 that we found out we were having a little one it was 2016 when we made the decision to move back to where I grew up.  It was 2016 that brought on new employment opportunities, and it was 2016 that brought probably the crazy four months I will ever experience in my life.  So lets do a bit of a run down for you.

September 13th:  Went into work already 4 days overdue and so sick of being pregnant.  At approximately 2pm I was like hmmm that hurt maybe I am actually having a contraction.  I text the lovely husband about maybe having one.  Then an hour passes and I could definitely tell I was having one, and I text him something along the lines, “hey you might want to come get me I am pretty sure I am having contractions”.  Then the contractions didn’t gradually get closer together it was like slam every ten minutes apart.  By the time we reached the hospital which is maybe 5 minutes from my work my contractions were consistently 8-10 minutes apart.  Then the worst thing happened I had lovely back labor.  I feel sorry for anyone before me and any one after me who experiences this because it was excruciating.  There was no breathing through it, no relaxing, every time it happened I felt both like I was going to be sick and pass out.  I am pretty sure I was not a nice person to the labor and delivery nurse who condescendingly asked me on a scale of 1-10 the pain and I said 10 she said well a 10 is like if you get your arm ripped off and I very not so nicely encouraged her to take my arm instead because I wanted the dang epidural.  After the epidural things were good was able to even challenge the lovely husband to a round of Ascension on my phone.  At about 10:30pm I went into the lovely active labor it starts to hurt and be exhausting even with the epidural part and at 11:55pm our son was born.

Well that starts the hectic part of the rest of the year, I don’t have exact dates for the rest but you will soon understand why I wasn’t able to keep track of all of that.

Husband eventually went back to work and I was on baby duty, I don’t do well cooped up, our son hates naps, he did when he was a newborn and to this day he still does, so I was exhausted.  We were at this time not supplementing with any formula so feeding was entirely up to me at this point.  Plus doctors say don’t give pacifiers and don’t bottle feed for the first month or so, well he hates the pacifier for the most part, but it was a life saver even if the doctors wouldn’t have been happy about it.

New Job #1 (September): Well a couple week back to work and hubs successfully landed a new job at a new company, that one of the best people we know works at, that allowed him to work remotely.  And with luck it was enough to justify that we start the move back to where I was from.  So with some quick turnaround and the amazing help of my mother who drove down several times a week we packed up our entire townhome.  (

Moving Part 1 (October): Well moving was a several part task, hubs had to fly out for a week to do all of the official trainings and signatures and instead of me being in the partially packed townhome for a week by myself we decided to back what me and the baby would need for an entire week.  With this being packed separately we also made sure that almost everything was packed so that when he returned we could move the rest of the stuff.  So once his last day of work at his job came we packed up the car with the clothes the cats and the baby and we moved in with my parents.  During the next week while I took the little one to pediatrician appointments and attended my own doctors appointments (which was now an hour and fifteen minutes away) my mother would stay at the townhome and continue to pack. *and yes I know how much of a wonderful and amazing person she is for doing this*

New Job #2 (October): While packing I was on the floor sorting through a pile of stuff to be packed, donated or thrown in the trash when my phone rang.  I had interviewed for a counseling position at the end of September.  Knowing that I didn’t have a start day of November because I wanted to be off at least 8 weeks for maternity leave I wasn’t expecting a call right away.  So when I got the informal offer I was so excited and quickly hopped online and filled out the required paperwork to make the offer official.  This meant that I was able to have a position and we wouldn’t have to have a time surviving off only one income.

Moving Part 2 (October):  When hubs got back from his training, the next morning we drove on down, picking up a 22 ft uhaul on the way because apparently they tell you where to pick it up even if order it in one specific city.  Fun fact living in a state that no one wants to live in means that people move out and take the availability of trucks with them.  After some serious tetris maneuvering we had are entire townhome backed we said goodbye to another two amazing people who we love so much and moved everything into a storage unit in our new home town.

Mortgage/House hunting (November):  Because we had both gotten new jobs, I had recently had very erratic income because of maternity leave (aka PTO and part time disability) we were expecting to go into meetings for a mortgage with a “you need to be working at your jobs for three months” response.  Luckily we were able to get approved with little to know issues (underwriting is fun…although not as bad as an experience as others have had).  After getting preapproved we started working with a realtor and in one weekend and probably twenty houses we found the perfect house for us.  After some deliberation and some handholding by the realtor we made an offer on the house.  If you have never made an offer on a house I suggest 100% working with both a mortgage broker and really good realtor, because they made the buying process so much easier.  With some back and forth we came to an agreement and then the inspections started happening and things were popping up.  This is where it got complicated they fought on everything, and then we would have to push back and there was a certain point where we had to hope that they would stop being so stubborn and fix things or we were going to have to rescind our offer (luckily they did what their realtor told them and fixed the things that needed fixed eventually).  So with the offer on the table all we had to do was wait.

Closing on our house (December):  Buying a house involves a lot of numbers, from everything to credit scores, closing costs, to that pesky loan you paid late once 5 years ago because you forgot to set up automatic billing.  When we finally closed on our house I think my face lost color the first time the dollar sign numbers went out because I knew roughly what I was putting down so when I was told a different number to bring to the closing I thought that was added on.  Yes I almost started crying, yes it had to be explained several different times, and yes it did take several seconds/minutes to calm back down.  So if you work with a mortgage broker they know the correct wording and there is this lovely thing called closing costs, if you have the seller pay some of those they come out of your down payment.  Which meant I was happy because I had to arrive with less not more than I thought I needed to.  Once you actually sit in the office with the attorney and start closing on the house your hand starts to cramp you sign your name so many times but at the end the house was ours and it was so exciting!!

House Work (December/January): While we wanted to start moving right away and be in before the end of the year holidays and then all of us getting hit with that upper respiratory/stomach bug made that impossible so instead we decided lets get all of the painting all of the hard to do once living here tasks done before we even move in.  So we started being regulars at Lowes, when they not only recognize me, but the husband, and the parents they are getting to much of our money.  Things started getting added on to the list of to be done before moving in.  Discovering the little things the previous owner did like taking the attachments for the gas line to the dryer and that the gas line was tied to the wall with twine (yes this is a thing).  Or that they apparently wanted all of the cable tvs that they had so many wires they even had one literally stapled in the beams curled into a circle above the basement shower, it went to nothing but you know in case you ever wanted to hook up a tv in the shower that wire was there. Eventually the phase one list of things to do before we can move in got smaller, the painting got done, the things installed that needed to be installed and we were able to actually plan the move

Moving Part 3 (January/February):  We had two friends drive down and help us move, they helped load up a moving truck and after a couple trips we had mostly everything in our house.  While it would have been ideal to move in that very weekend with the option to not live in chaos with 4 month old some unpacking and organizing occurred before officially moving in.  We got internet set up so that hubs could move his office from my parents dining room into his new home office and we officially moved the first week of February.  I am still getting used to having to drop the little one off to my parents each morning and then going to work but its a schedule and we are glad to be officially in our home.


Now it is time to start getting settled, it isn’t easy adjusting to being in our home but we are getting used to it.  I haven’t been to work late and little one seems to do fine with the daily drop off and pick ups to grandmas house so I can go to work.  Now its just slowly tackling boxes, and taking things to good will that need to be out of the house (so far three boxes of things already to goodwill and I am sure many many many more to go).  And I am well aware that I have yet to get everything out of my parents house they will probably continue to find our things for a while I mean we were living there for 3 months but it starting to feel like normal.  We are getting to read books to our kid more and back to playing board games again at night because we have access to them.  It is starting to feel a little more like life. 

I cant say that it is easy, I definitely feel very alone sometimes.  It isn’t as easy to meet people as an adult and a lot of friends growing up dont live here anymore.  Hubs has found himself a game group and he recently started writing again.  I hope now that life is slowly becoming a little more “normal” I can start getting back into things I like.  I got my baking cupboard now and am fully enjoying my access to all things baking.  I made my nephew a customized superman birthday cake that he requested complete with superman colored M&Ms inside.   

The other nephew keeps going back and forth on what he wants his cake to look like but he has a couple more weeks yet.  So far he has wanted Halo’s Master Chief, Five Nights of Freddy, Captain America Civil War, and a pigeon from his favorite authors stories.  I think the latest and most consistent is the pigeon but we will find out closer to the date if that’s what he wants.  I have also been able to make cinnamon swirl banana bread and am excited for many new things to try. 

Other updates include that I am back to watching what I eat I did so well eating healthy and not gaining an overly large amount during the pregnancy that moving back to home meant people by delicious ice cream and yummy food, it wasn’t easy.  So in combination and with support of the hubs and family I am back on a lifestyle plan that works for me and its been going well.  Down 1.8 lbs in a week which may not be a lot but it is better than 0.  I just have to make sure to eat more than junk food and enjoy what I am eating again.  I have a love hate relationship with food and its time to make it more love than hate.

I may also be a kickstarting addict now 4 games have been kickstarted in about a month.  If you don’t know what that is it is crowdfunding. I tend to focus towards the board games to kick start but they do a whole heck of a lot on there. 

I hope this is a good enough round up of the last couple of months and hopefully it makes some bit of sense.  Here is hoping it gets easier to do these things once I start getting more accustomed to my life. 

❤  Until next time   ❤


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