Not your average board games

Once you graduate college it becomes necessary to set aside time to hang out with your friends you met during school.  This became a quarterly weekend away at our friends house or them down visiting us.  Initially it started off with computer games and all things digital with a few board games sprinkled in for good measure.  The likes of Catan or Ticket to Ride being the adventurous board gamers that we were.  As time has moved on, our board game collections have grown.  As a result the weekends became mostly board games with (maybe) a tiny bit of computer gaming thrown in.  People have come and gone but now it is about four of us who get together for these game weekends.  Maybe one of the days we have extra people over but those tend to get to big to fast and I end of having my nerves shot by the end and I become very cranky.

This weekend is one of these board game weeks and I am so excited.  Last time we saw them they helped us move in to our place and this time with our pipsqueak a little older we get to hang out with them again.  We have a fifth person joining the ranks (my brother) and we have more games than could ever dream to be played in a single weekend but we try to get through as many as possible.  This made me think of how many board games I do own and that not nearly as many get played as often as they should.  So I started making a list of games and they all got entered into the BoardGameGeek site so I could keep track.  Yes, I am close to 100, and yes it does bother me that it isn’t quite 100 yet, I will get there once my Kickstarters come in, don’t worry.  So I wanted to start keeping track, figuring out which ones I love, ranking them, and making sure all of them get their fair share of play time.  So part of this plan is to start describing a game  I have played recently.  As well as letting you know which ones I have played recently.  So I will do my best to keep track of everything played this weekend, not all of the ones we will play our mine.  This way if anyone has any suggestions of key games we are missing in our collection they can let me know.

Hopefully, pipsqueak cooperates and takes his names regularly to make this weekend a little more smoothly (which means he probably will be a sourpuss).

Also exciting I am doing my first ever Escape Room.  I have always wanted to do one of these and just discovered they have them in my area I was overly excited when I found this out.  I love point and click escape flash games so hopefully my experience with those translates somehow to success in real life versions.  We will find out.

Games played this week:  :59 seconds and ERS (Egyptian Rat Screw/Slap)

Review of the week: :59 seconds is a game that I got on clearance at Target and thought hmm, its two player that is handy and picked it up for less than 5 dollars.  In reality I wouldn’t have needed to buy the game because it was just a re-skinned version of the basic card game Speed with a nice 59 second timer. The timer while pointless because I don’t know how anyone would empty their hand in under a minute served as a nice stylistic option for the game.  Although I cant help but wonder how much that drove up the cost of this simple game because of custom timed sand timers for 59 seconds.  Just like speed you tried to empty your hand and reserve pile by placing cards that are one up or one lower than the cards in the two face up piles.  It is pretty simple.  However, the timer matters in regards to score.  Completely empty your hand in under a minute get 10 points, successfully empty your hand in general 5 points.  First to 50 points wins.  Overall, it was a nice looking game but if you have a deck of cards you can set a timer on your phone for the same effect. Would play again because it is a good way to teach basic numbers to little kids but I may give it to my nephews to play (without the timer).

Until next time listen to the soundtrack to the live action Beauty and the Beast I was impressed.





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