Chaos before the calm

Anyone else ever go to clean something and then that becomes an entire project.  That is how my weekend project was.  Lately, despite having our house finally feel like a home, I have been feeling a level of discontent with the way the bedroom is laid out. As a FYI as I was writing that I got the genius idea to flip the furniture around in the bedroom to help and texted the husband about it.  But that kind of is the point of this post.  I was feeling discontent.  Everything should have been set out for me to love the bedroom.  We have brand new furniture for our bedroom, I have my own closet, and things were really pretty.  However, even though everything was set up to be that it was my favorite room in the house,  I kind of got angry every time I was in the room.

Perhaps this is because on the first night our old metal bed frame snapped for no reason, and I thought for a split moment we crushed our cat.  Or that our we were living out of clean laundry baskets for a while, or that our mattress had a definite slope in the mattress from how we moved and stored it.  After all of those things were fixed I started to feel a little better, but I felt cluttered.  If you have known me for a long time you know that I used to be the queen of collecting things.  My dorm room had a plethora of rubber ducks, my bedroom growing up had hundreds of Boyd’s Bears (yes I still own them, and thanks mom and dad for continuing to store them for me).  Lately however I have wanted to de-clutter my life.  So when I look in the closet and everything was mismatched and I wasn’t really in love with anything in my closet it was frustrating.  When we moved in I started my weight loss journey at the same time.  So that began the process of purging my clothes.  If it was super old and I wouldn’t want to wear it when I could fit into again it was donated.  If it wasn’t my style anymore  I donated it.  This meant a lot of stuff went to Goodwill and I was happy I felt less cluttered.  This weekend I continued that process.

It has started because I have recently become addicted to LulaRoe clothing and when I looked at those clothes I felt excited to wear them.  This wasn’t a feeling I felt about 90% of the rest of the clothes in my closet and 95% of the jewelry in my collection.  I always gravitate towards the same items, and what I realized today was that it wasn’t because I actually liked the clothing, it was because I was too lazy to find something I liked more, or to do laundry so that  I could wear the thing I actually wanted to wear.  So this is where my weekend project began.  I went to Target, initially I went to pick up baby cold medicine and adult cold medicine.  But wandering through the homeware section I decided, what if I stored my Christmas and flannel sheets during the spring and summer to de-clutter the linen closet.  This statement sparked a lets declutter life rampage.  So I bought a really nice hanging shoe rack for my closet, and some uniform colored hangers and a throw pillow that I had been staring at for a while.  (The throw pillow wasn’t part of the declutter process but it was part of the I loved it and it looks cute in the guest room process).

So when I got home, the process began.  I have a couple of jewelry boxes.  One that my grandpa made me when I was little and another that was I believe my great grandmothers.  I emptied every bit of jewelry out of those boxes and any of the other tiny boxes I had onto my bed and I started creating five piles.  The first pile was earrings that weren’t currently with its mate.  The second pile was jewelry that was so tarnished or in some way unusable that I threw it out.  The third pile was jewelry that was in good condition but were not my style anymore so it was being donated.  The fourth pile was jewelry that meant something to me.  The final pile was occasion jewelry.  What I mean by this is the random fun Christmas earings, or easter bunny earings.  The earrings that  I would wear for one specific reason but don’t overall serve a purpose.

Once  I put the donate stuff into a giant Ziploc bag and the garbage into a toss bag,  I started putting away what remained.  The jewelry that meant something or was something I often gravitated towards went into one box and the stuff that was random occasion or not something I reached for often went into the other box.  After everything was put away I matched what I could for earrings and sorted them into the pile they belonged.  Because at this point anything not matched was long gone in an apartment far far away.  I felt good my jewelry looked nice, it was limited to stuff I actually wanted to wear and was excited to wear.

Once the jewelry was put away I began to tackle the closet.  I took everything out of my closet and with each article I picked up, if I didn’t love it or get excited about it, the item went into my closet.  This included clothes that I have even wore recently.  I would look at clothing and go yeah I just wore this two weeks ago but often I don’t like how I look in it, I wasn’t happy in it, and it was grabbed because I didn’t want to look further for something to wear.  Anything that made it past the “does it bring me joy” phase was put in a nice white hanger and hung back up into my closet.  This meant that everything in my closet brings me joy and I get excited to wear in which helps.

My closet isn’t perfect, I now tackled to fun task of going through my socks.  I love socks, I have lots of fun ones.  And it is about dang time I enjoy wearing them and make it easier to find the ones I like wearing.  After the closet was done, I had a mess all over the room.  So what  I did next took will.  Instead of pushing everything onto the floor to deal with the next day I started putting the clothes away from a clean laundry basket and sorting them the same way.  By the time I was done, I had two clothes baskets put away and the mess from the hanger exchange and closet purge put away.

I am in control of my level of happiness.  And if I am feeling discontent I can’t expect it to change unless I am willing to make some of those changes.  This weekend I was feeling crummy, the whole house has a cold and it would have been really easy to push-off the desire to fix my feelings about our room until a next weekend.  But that would mean that it is another week where I feel angry that it’s not like I want it.  So instead I put on my big girl pants, mommed up, and kicked the weekends butt.  And on top of all of that we got to spend time with family and go to bed prepared for the week.  All in all I made it through the chaos portion of the cleaning of the bedroom.

Since the last blog we have gotten a couple more games in but haven’t played them all yet.  We played: Evolution The Beginning, Potion Explosion, and Tumult Royale.

Game Review: Evolution The Beginning -.  This game was on sale at Target the other day and I decided to pick it up.  Definitely read all of the rules.  This is a game that is so simple, yet the rules really matter.  Cards are played in a specific way and fed in a specific way that it matters.  This game was fun but once we really understood what we were doing it picked up in level of strategy and difficulty.  You have a species you had evolution characteristics and you try to survive the longest with the most food.  It’s interesting because if you make your species a flying species, your opponents can’t eat them with their carnivorous burrowing bunnies because well burrowers don’t fly.  It’s a balance because you want to have enough prey on the board to feed your carnivores but you can’t have too much prey otherwise you cant feed them all and they starve.  I am excited to play this game again now fully understanding the rules.  I definitely lose the game but I still claim there is an * next to my husbands win because he wasn’t removing animals in the right order.  Can’t wait to play it again.

Until next time, go listen to “I’m the one that’s cool” by Felicia Day it makes me smile every time.



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