It’s been a week

I guess holidays have that way of doing things.  So over the past week I kept wanting to sit down and write on here but life was a little busy.  I had a full caseload at work so couldn’t do it during my normal down time, and then by the time I got home every night it was a hectic rush to get things done and organized and baby proofed.  Normally we try to do a little bit each day not rush anything, because we still have stuff in a few boxes (I know that’s awful, but I have to much junk).

Normally my mom watches my little pipsqueak and this week her and my dad are on their yearly vacation. This means that my husband who luckily works from home is on split duty of baby and work.  We were lucky enough to have a friend of my moms who my son already knew able to come over in the morning to give my husband some uninterrupted time each morning to get his conference calls done.  However, our basement isn’t as finished as we want it to be and is no way suitable for a baby to hang out in the afternoon with out a constant eye being held on him.  So we improvised.  We baby-proofed what we needed to made sure that the baby gate to the stairs was up in the basement and the door to the laundry room was closed.  This was all great except we had the realizing that unattended, that left him access to bookshelves full of board games, unhung decorative swords, and a plethora of movies and video games. Let alone the drinking fountain for our cats and their food.  So  I came up with the idea to create a sofa wall barrier.  Day one worked of this, and granted it makes our room look ridiculous because its a wall of sofas, but he wasn’t able to get into anything he shouldn’t be in and my hubs could keep an eye on him while working.

The added benefit of moving the sofas into a barricade we realized we liked the nice open space and decided to sell some end tables and our old dinner table to have some of that openness that the behind the sofa wall now had.  I decided to take pictures of everything we wanted to sell and actually listed them for sale.  One thing is already sold :).

The other thing that got accomplished this week was that we (I say we it was my husband), got all of the bushes cut out of our yard.  These were awful, probably very cute once upon a time, but not taken care of so were dead underneath, overgrown, and hideous.  The fence that used to attach to our garage also got ripped out of the ground which opens up our back yard.  The old owners had this fence up and attached to the garage because they didn’t want to fence the entire back property line, so by ripping the fence out of the ground we actually have another 10 ft. of back yard and even cool planter boxes that were going to waste.  They actually weren’t going to waste but our neighbor behind us was using them because the old owners weren’t.  We politely agreed to share our tomatoes that will be planted with him.

Now as the inside of the house is becoming a sense of calm as I did even more of a wardrobe cleanse, the outside looks like a tornado touched down in our yard.  We still have to rip the stumps out of the ground for the bushes, and call to schedule a special pick up, things are coming together.  If we can get the planter boxes cleaned up and fixed we should be able to get the vegetables planted in May which I am really excited about.

In other news I made a bunny cake for Easter and was really pleased with how the decorating turned out.  I didn’t make the cake from scratch and instead used a vanilla cake mix and added rainbow sprinkles to the mixture.  But I did make the buttercream frosting myself.  It is a simple vanilla buttercream and then I used Wilton gel food coloring for the pink.


Easy Vanilla Buttercream

1/2 cup butter (softened)

4-1/2 cups confectioners sugar

1-1/2 tsp vanilla extra

5 to 6 tablespoons milk

for the pink 1 drop Wilton pastel pink gel color

Cream butter until it has gone almost white, slowly add in sugar, extract, and milk alternating in parts until the consistency you want.  🙂   I believe the tip I used was 2D from Wilton (a drop flower tip of some kind I am not 100% sure the size).

I decorated the baking sheet with leftover frosting that was dyed pink and blue.

Overall it was  a rough week and my diet paid the price.  I ate out more than normal, drank fancy coffee (i.e. Starbucks) more than normal and just didn’t watch what I ate.  I paid for it on the scale this week, but I am starting over and not going to beat myself up over it.  On the positive side the cake that wasn’t eaten did get thrown away 🙂

No board game review this week because I forgot to write down the names of the ones we have played.  Will try to compile the names of them and add them into next weeks.

Until next time



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