Make yourself happy

I think I have kind of touched on some of the stuff that I have been doing recently to de-clutter my life.  It has been really difficult at times because it takes time to declutter but with the help of a great partner it has slowly been coming together.

I think the part I have talked about is the wardrobe overhaul that I have been doing.  It started with the stuff that I had that didn’t fit or I hadn’t been looking for when I moved.  So when I unboxed the final box of clothes if I hadn’t looked for it, or warn in a long time it didn’t get hung up it got donated.  I then started buying LulaRoe which is addictive but fun clothing.  So I started looking at my wardrobe more and realized that most of the clothes sitting in my closet didn’t make me happy.  I had clothes on them that were 10 yrs old that I wore not because I felt good in them but because I was too lazy to buy new articles.  I then began to take another look at my closet and decided if it didn’t make me happy to wear it I wasn’t keeping it.  This means that even stuff I wore recently was getting donated and it felt really good.  It felt like I was starting over with my wardrobe.  I ended up tossing a lot of undergarments I didn’t like and socks I never wore (the sock collection is still to large I need to have another go at it).

Once everything was in the donate pile my entire closet now is completed with white hangers which makes me feel like it is clean.  My shoes (which I also went through) were now organized in a pretty hanging shoe organizer.

The next part was figuring out how to get husbands shoes organized.  This was actually relatively easy because I had upgraded my shoe storage I took the old one had him assemble it where his closet is.  Now he has them nicely organized and not in a pile on the floor. If I can get him to keep the guest bed clean of his belts or random undershirts it will be a success.

One other thing I have been working on is getting the laundry situation figured out.  I hate laundry, it is my least favorite chore.  I would rather vacuum, do dishes, dust, do any other chore rather than laundry.  However, because my new wardrobe needs to be washed separately and air-dried I wanted to be proactive and not ruin any clothes.  I decided to go out and purchase laundry hampers specifically for the laundry room as well as the label maker.  Now there is an easy way to sort and keep clothes washed properly.

Since  I have been reorganizing I have also been selling things that I don’t need or want.  This means that my living area has been de-cluttered.  While I loved some of it like our kitchen table from our old place, it was just becoming a place where junk collected. Not having this extra stuff has made it feel more open.  I got to walk into the house yesterday with no clutter no mess and a yummy candle scenting up the place.  It feels good.  I was able to look and not see junk and papers. I was able to see some framed pictures that  I may be selling now because they don’t fit my style anymore.  I love having a clean home, and with that a happy mind  It shouldn’t be surprising because I always realize after a clean house that I feel mentally better.  But keeping the clean house with an 8 month old who loves his Cheerios is proving difficult.

Now I just have to hit the area under the stairs because I know I have far too much holiday stuff to even find any of it (maybe that can be a summer project).

Another thing  I have been doing for fun is playing Zelda Breath of the Wild.   It’s the hardest Zelda game I have ever played, but it is absolutely beautiful, and the bomb power up is way to exciting.

I want some recipes for low-fat baking…until then I will be hopefully doing a baking extravaganza sometime soon. 🙂

Until Next Time



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