When Mothers Day comes around!

This year was my first mothers day and it was amazing.  I didn’t count being pregnant on mother’s day as my first one.  I know this seemed weird to some people, but I didn’t expect my husband to get me anything, I didn’t need big celebrations, I was more excited for this one to come around.  I got to “sleep” in although talkative baby means that it is more likely I will lay in bed and play on my phone for a few minutes before facing the day.

My husband asked which type of mothers day I wanted because he had heard of different versions of mothers day.  The moms who want to go away and be on their own doing things like spa days, the ones who want the kids and spouse to leave the house, and then the ones who want to spend time with the kid and the spouse.  I personally don’t get the viewpoint of not wanting to spend time with my kid, especially on a day that is dedicated to me being his mom.  However, I did let my dear husband take poopy diaper duty, it was mothers day after all.

So when I got up I got to sleep in, which in reality is more laying peacefully with my eyes closed smiling as I hear him loudly cooing and crawling after the cats; no he doesn’t catch them, yes he tries, and yes the cats purposely walk by him just far enough out of his reach to torture the poor child.  When it time was time to get up I was gifted with cute matching shirts with my little pipsqueak which he proceeded to blow out and have to have it watched during the day.

After that I got breakfast and then when asked what  I wanted to do my answer was I want to hang out and play Zelda.  Which is what we did for a majority of day.  The little man took his naps which is a miracle because he normally hates his nap time.  When he wasn’t napping he was harshly judging the dvd collection and pulling them all off of the display.  He attempted to judge the board game collection but those are heavier, and well our board games are awesome so he couldn’t find any fault.  So he played with his toys while I ran around and attempted for the 40th time to craft really good elixirs and to not get laser beamed in the face with by a guardian while I avoid the guardian on the giant maze at the top of the map.

I even got to wear the new mom charm on my bracelet.  I didn’t get to keep the box though because apparently the pink box it came in became pipsqueaks companion cube and he sobbed when I took it away to look at the charm inside.  He carried that thing around the entire house trying to crawl in a very lopsided manner.  I have tried picking it up and putting it away but he cries because he sees it and it is his companion cube.  For now he has a pink little jewelry box as a best friend, eventually I am sure he will find something equally as entertaining.

So with mom charms and freshly washed matching shirts we celebrated with my family, having a nice little cookout, exchanging potted plants because that is a tradition I didn’t even know we had started and it was a great time. My dear wonderful husband ended the night with two adorable picture frames filled with pictures of my little guy and some with me and him, because I know that I have very few pictures with just me and him because I am normally behind the camera not in front of it.  I am going to try to work on that because it makes me sad that  I have so few.

We didn’t play board games this weekend as it was mothers day weekend but we did get a lot of stuff done.  Now for the time being, I am going to take advantage of the time I have and spend time with the pipsqueak.  We are currently working on shifting his bed time, because he needs more a more regular sleeping habit.  We will see how that goes.

Until next time



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