How to set a habit

Habits can be good or bad, but I believe that the good ones are necessary to have a balanced life.  When I was still pregnant we started setting good habits, we did laundry more than once a week, we got ourselves on a cleaning schedule, clothes got put away regularly, overall structure was added into our lives. It may seem really weird to start doing all of these things right before the biggest change ever, but I am so glad we did.  Granted it wasn’t the easiest transition, since we moved twice, had a new-born, and had 95% of our stuff sitting in storage.

So when we FINALLY got moved into our house we started re-implementing  these habits, with some additions.  It hasn’t been easy but if we hadn’t started doing them prior to the pipsqueak being born, I don’t know how we would even function now.  So today I want to talk about some of the habits we have formed; things we are working, on and things that we are struggling with.

Morning Routine: Pipsqueak typically gets up between 5am and 6am unless he is feeling generous, and depending on the way he slept hubs let me sleep in.  This mainly is determined by if the pip was up for 1.5 hours, playing the pull mommy’s hair game in the middle of the night,  So assuming I get up at 6am and hubs has been up for an hour he has normally got the remaining dishes cleaned that didn’t get done the night before, and has already given pipsqueak a bottle.

So it used to be that I would wake up and watch my YouTube videos while pumping.  I had been pumping exclusively since he got his four front teeth in because ow.  Now I get in the shower, eat breakfast at home and feed him his breakfast.  He then gets his teeth brushed by me while hubs changes him out of his pjs.  While I am showering and getting ready hubs has been making my lunch which is a routine I need to shift back to nighttime.

Normally before we really get started with the day one of us tries to make the bed.  This started initially as a way to deter us from laying in bed as soon as we got home from work, but now that we have the quilt my mother made us sitting on our bed its been nice, to have the bright colors seen and our room look nice.

During the day:  Since I have either a feast or famine type job I normally try to sneak in some paperwork and household managing type tasks between sessions and on my lunch break.  I organize to do lists, check the shopping lists, and go through emails to make sure we didn’t all of a sudden miss the mortgage payment, or forget to pay our water bill.

Hubs, he has a harder time.  It would be really easy for him to get distracted and mess around with small house hold tasks but he does awesome and keeping work during work hours.  So he focuses on a couple of household tasks while he is on his lunch break like switching over a load of laundry, and cleaning the dishes from lunch and perhaps a minor sweep or vacuum.

After work: This is where it gets interesting, because hubs works a different time zone than me he is done 4:00pm our time.  Instead of going to pick up the pipsqueak, which he does do if asked, he gets a lot done around the house.  Lately it has been outside the house work. But until I get home with the little one which is usually around 6pm he has those two hours to get things done that he can’t do for whatever reason when the pipsqueak is demanding his attention.  (He is a daddy’s boy, and yes it makes me jealous).  When I get home usually we let the pipsqueak finish his cat nap and here is where our habits struggle.

We try to feed him at around 6:30pm so that he can get his bath time, reading time, and then be asleep at the 7:30.  But if he is In a stubborn mood that doesn’t always work.  We have struggled with timing of dinner for the adults.  We either eat at 7:30 at night or try to eat while he is eating, and that means someones food gets cold.  This part isn’t easy.  Also after his bedtime, we have wound down ourselves so the last thing we want to do is be productive and pick up.

Normally, the kitchen gets left until the morning, which drives me bonkers, and I believe part of the reason I got out of the habit of making my lunch the night before was because I couldn’t stand the disaster zone that the dinner caused.  Other things though that I should be able to do and have tried to keep on top of is to make sure of is that the toys are put away before we go to bed.  Cats running into musical monkeys in the middle of the night creates for terrifying wake up situations.

It’s not perfect and writing this it’s clear to me that the biggest area I need to work on and we need to work on as a house is what to do after I return home with the little one.

One of the things that we both installed on our phones to help us with meeting these habits, and doing things on time, and overall mental organization was an app called Todolist.  We had looked at to do list apps before but never found one that worked cross-platform which at the time we downloaded it was needed.  This app allows hubs and I to share tasks we want to accomplish, keep track of our household bills and when/if they are paid.  It also allows us to make grocery lists and keep track our menu.  When we think hmm, wonder if they have paid x or when is recycling pick up we can look either know the answer or be able to get it done.  Plus there are achievements and badges the more you complete which means it just makes me want to get things done.

Hopefully talking about habits, makes any sense whatsoever, but  I find myself wanting to strengthen some of mine, and figured I would keep you updated on that progress.

Until next time



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