Organization = throwing stuff away


Hi, it has been longer than I intended since writing my last post.  I wish I had a good reason, but I just kept rejecting my own ideas and pushing it off.  As is the theme apparently since starting back up these posts I have been trying to get life organized.  This has included big projects to even little projects.  It hasn’t been easy but it is definitely getting easier.

We have a lot of stuff and I wish I could say we were great at keeping it organized, or making sure we  don’t get duplicates we are not.  We get duplicates, a lot of duplicates in fact.  No household needs a full box and a partial package of lactose-aid medication when neither of us are lactose-intolerant.  Or 5 different areas band aids were being kept, which is also a thing that was happening.  All of this stuff lived in the area that is normally referred to as the bathroom cabinets, or as I liked to refer to it as; “Ahh I can’t flipping find anything!”

So last week I had the AHA moment when hubs was asking me when I would post my blog.  In order  to motivate myself to get the mess of a bathroom organized I would make it a blog post.  May not be very interesting but I was happy with how it turned out 🙂




Picture 1: This is the bottom drawer of the medicine cabinet.  It kind of started to hold a little bit of everything, from hair products, bath-bombs to an electronic razor.  Nothing made any sense.




Picture 2: This is the middle drawer which clearly is so organized.  It holds infant medicine, one of the boxes of lactose-aid medication, adult medicine both able to be taken when I was pregnant and not, and also vitamins.  We couldn’t really find anything.




Picture 3: This is the top drawer and was probably the most organized.  However organized didn’t mean it made sense.  We had band-aids (one of the places), hair ties, nail clippers, face wipes, and hair brushes.  The drawer had cohesion…not.




Picture 4: These are the cabinets, we luckily have to but I you can tell there is no organization, some medications, some facial stuff, some deodorant some shaving.  Everything is all over the place. The counters hold everything from hair straightener to toothpaste holders.






Picture 5: I am ashamed of this one, there are plastic tubs and fabric tubs and bags and things open, and besides the grey tub I didn’t know what anything in any of them was.


So with those pictures in your head, and me lowering my head in shame at the mess I went to target.  I had the basic idea of what I wanted and ended up purchasing a pull out metal shelf and a shelf for the inside of the cabinet I had previously purchased the grey plastic tub and the fabric bin at target as well and those remained.  it took about 30 minutes worth of decisions at Target and an hour and a half of organization one night and I was really happy with how everything turned out.




Picture 1: The bottom drawer now holds all of the electronic supplies.  Hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and even the razor and shaver my husband use.  Organized and now the drawer makes sense.




Picture 2: Now I got to bring out my label maker for this one.  Now this holds all the things we use regularly from aloe vera, to Vicks liquid for a humidifier.  I also converted an old dried out wipe container that had been sitting under the sink with the dried out wipes in it to a first aid container.  I combined basic first aid of bandages, gauze, Neosporin and medical tape in the container and now it is quick to grab.



Picture 3: Now this is stuff used almost daily.  It’s always good to have q-tips around and scissors I also keep a small pair in the restroom because then I know that when I can’t find them anywhere else in the house I have my back up pair.  It works we also have some that stay in our can opener because they sometimes are needed. I did get rid of a hair brush, even though I still have several more and that is because I tend to walk around the house with them, and if I have to hear hubs sing Veggie-Tales “Where is my hair brush” I will scream.


Picture 4:  This is still a work in progress.  Items used regularly go up here as well as the stuff we keep on hand for guests like the little baby shampoos and conditioners. I also moved the storage around so that instead of band aids in a container I put the glasses wipes we use almost daily.



Picture 5: This is where most of the work took place.  On the door you can see the metal drop down container.  There I have all of my facial wash and cleansers.  I tend to try products out and am currently in the process of trying out a few which is why I have so many.  Then you can see the metal shelving unit on the left side.  Here is where normal toiletries now are and the first aid kit originally was going to go there but that is now replaced by the extra bandages that are more kid oriented for when my nephews are around.  Then on the lower shelf you have the combined version of all of the medications.  I condensed as many things as I could and got rid of a lot of stuff that was expired.  I had cold-eeze that I had quickly learned had melted and reformed.  The grey tub in front is full of feminine hygiene because target deal so I stocked up.  Behind that rests the tub of extras, from extra razor heads, to extra tooth brushes, and three extra deodorants that belong to hubs, he never remembers he has them so we inevitably get more.  That got labeled and since we go into infrequently sits perfectly under the sink pump.  Then hubs travel bag which is rarely used was cleaned and then zipped up with one of everything he would need and zipped up ready for his (or my) next trip. The grey fabric bin that was under here got put on the back of the toilet and filled with bath time items and face masks.

I probably tossed 3 grocery bags worth of trash and junk.   I was able to empty into other containers, and get rid of plastic tubs that was holding junk.  I had vitamins that I haven’t taken in years, and some sort of vitamin E oil that leaked over everything meant I got rid of a lot of damp ruined packages.  It felt great to have it clean and motivates me to keep the bathroom organized again.  We just make sure the little rugrat stays out of there.  Makes all of the below knee level creatures in the home angry.  But rather an angry kid and cat than an unsafe one.

Do you have any cool tips to organizing a bathroom.  The next small area we are targeting is the pantry but probably before that hubs is going to tackle making his office something he loves being in.  What storage and decorating things do you love.  I really have been metals (mainly copper) but have also been loving the look of wood.

Until next time



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